The Mamba Woman

Noemi A.-The Art of Cynicism

2 Days ago i talked to AinaraLuas, the Owner of Luas in the Game „SecondLife“.

She released an amazing Outfit for Slaves and also for Mambas.

Skin: BodyGossip Felicia + Liplayer of BodyCo. Chocolata

Warpaint: [TWEE].

Tattoo: Luck Inc.

Tits: Lolas! :::Tango::: NEW (LOVE THEM)

Hair: Boon

Ears: Mandala

Hood: !XtraX!

SkullNecklace, Armbands,left Legwrap, StomachWrap, Bracelets: [Rude] Designs

Loincloth, ChestFur, Gloves,  right Legwrap: LUAS ODISEA BLACK

long Necklace: N*Creations

Pose: Olive Juice- The Huntress for EPOCH (from EPOCH event. not sure if still avaible)

Location: Home of Damu Hekalu Mambas (it is a GOREAN ROLEPLAY SIM)

I decided to join a Mamba Tribe. I was active in Gorean Roleplay since over 3 Years and now i have to say, that is the best role ever. the background is much more interesting than others.

following informations are gathered and written by People who know, what they are doing!!!!! ( so not by…

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